Woman sues man for giving her herpes

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herpes cartoon

A thirty-three-year-old woman in Delavan, Wisconsin is suing an ex-lover for giving her herpes. Her suit alleges that the man knowingly engaged in unprotected sex with a partner whom he knew was uninfected with the virus. The man and woman involved in the lawsuit, both of whom were married (to other people) at the time when he infected her, had phone, instant message, and Facebook contact from 2009-2011.

According to the lawsuit, "the man initiated physical contact by holding hands, which advanced to kissing in his pickup truck and escalated to sexual activity." (The lawsuit didn't specify whether or not the sex act actually took place in the pickup truck, but I'm going to say it's likely.)

The woman seeks $350,000 in damages. She claims that she is now prone to panic attacks while driving with her family and that her husband is reluctant to have "normal sexual relations" with her because of her herpes status. Or maybe he's reluctant to have sex with her because she cheated on him for two years and banged some herpes-positive dude in the back of his pick-up truck.