Women “incorporate” their uteri to protect reproductive rights

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When Florida Congressman Scott Randolph wittily remarked that his wife should "incorporate her uterus" because the only thing Republicans won't regulate is business (a quip he credited to his wife), he didn't actually expect it to catch on. But the the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida took note and has cleverly launched, a site that lets women do just that. 

Women can print and sign a declaration on the website which says, "When a corporation has more protections than a woman, the best way to keep lawmakers out of your business is to be your own business." Because nothing protects your lady-parts better than a certificate! And for all you dudes feeling left out, don't fret. The head of the ACLU of Florida says the site will soon add a feature where men can incorporate an honorary uterus, so they too can stand in feminist solidarity.