Women on the Pill are more likely to date a nice guy who’s bad in bed

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An interesting study conducted by Craig Roberts of Stirling University, Scotland has found that women taking oral contraception tended to choose mates who lacked sexual prowess. The researchers surveyed  2,519 women in the United States, Czech Republic, Britain and Canada who had had at least one child on whether they were taking the Pill when they met their mates. They then questioned them on their sexual satisfaction within the relationship and their physical attraction their partner. The results are odd. Women on the Pill were more likely to begin relationships with guys they weren't that physically attracted to:

Such women may, on average, be less satisfied with the sexual aspects of their relationship but more so with non-sexual aspects. Overall, women who met their partner on the Pill had longer relationships — by two years on average — and were less likely to separate.

So, basically, taking the pill could make you pick some fumbling five, but you might be into him for his comforting presence as you two marathon watched shitty reality television. It almost sounds like taking the Pill would help you avoid the siren song bullshit of some fancy, handsome, sexy man, but of course the news isn't all good:

Women who used oral contraception when they met their partner tended to find him less attractive, engaged in compliant sex and rejected sexual advances more frequently as the relationship progressed, and were more likely to initiate separation if it occurred.

Roberts is so convinced of the study's findings that he recommends women go off their hormonal birth control for a few months before deciding to get married. Just to make sure that they're actually into the guy they're thinking about marrying.