Wonderbra’s “Hello Boys” billboard voted the most iconic ad of all time

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Before you come out swinging for "Where's the beef?" or "the Pepsi generation," two caveats: the poll of over 100,000 people was conducted in the U.K. and was strictly for outdoor advertising. Which is why some of you may not recognize the above ad, featuring model Eva Herzigova, even though it took the number-one spot. The campaign is remembered for several things: helping Herzigova become famous, the sex appeal, and for causing several motorists to drive off the road while staring. (True story.)

What other ads got top spots? The kind you're much less likely to masturbate to:

It is a little more lighthearted than its runners up, which saw second place taken by the Conservative Party's 'Labour Isn't Working' campaign by advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi, which depicted a dole queue to highlight rising unemployment figures, and was seen as influential in Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party victory in the 1979 General Election.

In third place was Lord Kitchener's army recruitment poster dating back to World War One.

Quite different! The only billboard I've seen that I can recall with any clarity is one that featured a fake person who looked like he was about to jump. I think I'll take Herzigova over that, thanks.