Yale docks gay employees’ paychecks after marriage-benefits tax error

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In a case that highlights the continuing hassle of being a gay American, sixty-one Yale employees with same-sex partners owe the university thousands of dollars, after a payroll error on Yale's part that failed to withhold the right amount for 2010 federal taxes. According to the New York Times, the problem stemmed from the fact that the state of Connecticut recognizes same-sex marriage while the federal government doesn't. The school will be pulling the owed taxes from employees' payrolls over the next three months.

To put it lightly, Yale is probably not one of our nation's more homophobic institutions — the university's official statement says it "looks forward to a time when there is a federal recognition of same-sex marriage and civil union rights with respect to tax withholding rules," which is probably true now more than ever — but the error could be a real problem for sixty-one people's finances, and emphasizes once again that gay people get a raw deal from the feds.