Young people think compliments are better than sex

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In either really funny or really depressing news, a new study shows that college students value praise above almost all other needs, including money, alcohol, and even sex. "I was shocked," said the study's author. "They liked to get a compliment rather than engage in their favorite sexual act."

As it turns out, young people like hearing about themselves so much that it's almost an addiction. "It wouldn't be correct to say that study participants were addicted to self-esteem, but they were closer to being addicted to self-esteem than they were to being addicted to any other activity we studied."

So what this must mean is that either the college kids in question were getting incredible compliments, the college kids in question were having really middling sex, or young people are really just incredibly narcissistic. Give us your theories (or your lavish, lavish praise) in the comments.