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An actor from Friends, everybody’s favorite show about supposedly poor white people living in giant apartments in New York, has said that there was not a no-sex contract. Leaving the door open to the obvious question: without any legal document stopping them did the ‘Friends’ have an orgy?

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High school isn’t what it used to be. In California, a male high school student was seduced by his Biology teacher, who wooed him by buying him an XBox and then having sex with him and his friends. Now the boy’s mother is suing the teacher.

On an uplifting note, the NYPD is now aggressively going after subway creeps. They are putting undercover officers on trains to catch men that like to prey on women on crowded subway cars.

Two characters in a TV show had sex and that apparently warrants entire news stories.

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And dating while disabled is full of people with really dumb questions.