20th Century Fox woos “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” team with bloody axes, a Confederate bugle player

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It looks like 20th Century Fox wants the rights to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter bad. Really bad. When Fox met with director Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton, they made their intentions clear. When the two filmmakers arrived,

they were met with a huge banner at the gate. It had the title treatment of the script and was emblazoned, "Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov present Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". At their parking spot were signs saying “Parking For Vampire Hunters Only: park at your own risk,” and so forth. There were bloody footprints lining the walkway and stairs leading from their cars to the meeting in Building 88 with images from the book and lines from the script. As if that were not enough, there also were bloody axes strewn about, and a bugle player in a Confederate uniform playing "Taps" as the filmmakers walked to the meeting.

Yes! That is all very promising. They could have gone ahead with the most-artistic-freedom, most-money bid, but hilariously cloying attempts work, too.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Book Promo
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