“4-D” movies come to New York, despite potential hearing loss and nausea

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4-D film

Everyone always wants more. And we got it. Ticket sales for 3-D movies have been waning, so an innovative Korean Company, CJ 4DPlex, invented the "4-D" movie experience, complete with rock-and-roll massage chairs, wind, fog, moisture, disco light shows, and a peculiar, Febreze-like mist shot into your face. The effects coincide with the action on-screen, and are meant to propel you (sometimes, in the case of rocking chairs, almost literally) into the experience. 

CJ 4DPlex has opened an office in Los Angeles, where savvy programmers create the atmospheric accompaniment for the movies. Most recently in 4-D are Kung-Fu Panda and Pirates of the Caribbean. The plan is to build a 4-D theater in New York and if successful, continue spreading the good word of super cinematic effects across the globe.

However, despite business plans and the obvious enticement of such wonders as 4-D, not all fans are, well, fans of the experience. While watching Transfomers: Dark of the Moon, which created the 4-D world with extra-loud sounds and the sweet scent of burnt rubber, some movie patrons became nauseous and even went temporarily deaf. (Having experienced a 4-D film, straight from the source, in a Seoul cinema, I can attest to the jolting movements and detergent smells, which at once spilled and tainted the flavor of my popcorn.)

Despite all that, some people love it enough to spend an extra five dollars or so on a ticket. Which leaves only one question: where do we go from here?