Actual first images and poster from “X-Men: First Class” released

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Did anyone see that terribly ugly "first poster" for X-Men: First Class circulating around the last few days? I didn't post it because A) i was trying to pretend it wasn't real and B) I had a very strong suspicion that it wasn't real. I don't understand how people looked at that and thought "Yes, this looks like something a professional made, which other professionals then approved." I mean, look at this crap:

Anyway — perhaps as a reaction to this fakery, the first official photos from the film have been released, and they look so much better, thank God:

I love Magneto's super-'60s turtleneck and leather jacket combo, I have to say.

Say what you want about her, but January Jones knows how to rock a cat suit. And yes, that is Kevin Bacon.

So, they're not devoid of silliness — few superhero movies ever are — but this images are still worlds away from the horrific Technicolor mess that had all the fans freaking out yesterday. You can see even more images here and here.