After film premiere, celebrities experience technical difficulties with terrifying hotel elevator incident

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If you're one of those people with an elevator phobia, and your co-workers always laugh at you when you walk ten flights of stairs to get to a meeting, and your friends always groan when you spit out the statistic that there are twenty to thirty elevator-related fatalities per year, then you'll have the last MF laugh after reading this: Thursday night, after the premiere of Tribeca Films' critically acclaimed Janie Jones at the Gramercy Park Hotel, the director and stars of the films — including actors Josh Charles (pictured above) and Alessandro Nivola, director David Rosenthal and comedian Seth Herzog — fell eight stories from the rooftop bar before the emergency brake finally went off. The fourteen terrified passengers were stuck for more than half an hour before they all climbed out on their own, minutes before the FDNY arrived to help them evacuate. 

The next morning, Gramercy Park Hotel manager Elizabeth Mao issued a statement to Vulture, confirming the "elevator malfunction" at the hotel and assuring future guests that the elevator car will undergo a "thorough inspection" before it resumes operation. Nonetheless, the incident confirms two things: a) celebrities are just like us, in that they too will shit their pants when confronted with the possibility of certain death, and b) if posh New York City hotels wish to celebrate Halloween, it's probably inadvisable that they do so by pimping out their elevators to recreate Disney World's Tower of Terror ride (or, alternatively, the 1997 Kirsten Dunst/Steve Gutenberg film adaptation of Disney World's Tower of Terror ride).