Amanda Seyfried’s version of Little Red Riding Hood has sex with the wolf, basically

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Amanda Seyfried is really the perfect choice for director Catherine Hardwicke's angsty, sexy film adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood story, with her Disney princess eyes and her ability to seem both innocent and sexy at the same time. And that sexiness will come in handy, because Hardwicke's updated vision naturally has Little Red schtupping the wolf. While he's in human form, of course — because he's a werewolf now, of course. (You can make your own Team Jacob joke here.)

Looks like Hardwicke is in pretty familiar territory here, what with the sweeping aerial shots and moody forest scenes. (And, you know, young girl having sex with a monster of some kind.) But honestly, it will be hard for the director to ever match this wonderful moment from her directorial debut, Thirteen: