American Reunion producer engages in profanity-laden Facebook Q&A with fans

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Chris Moore, producer of the upcoming "Oh no, we're old" comedy, American Reunion had too much time on his hands and a chip on his shoulder when he actually got in a fight with someone on the internet. After having his feelings hurt from the biting comments of college kids, Chris Moore posted the following:

I've said it once and I'll say it again: there's no justice for rich Hollywood hot-shots. Poor lil' fella probably wiped his tears with a hundred-dollar bill before diving into his king-sized bed stuffed with smaller, more inferior bills (it's like a thread count: a higher amount of lower-denomination bills is better). Chris. Mr. Moore. Let me give you some Internet Advice: don't start fights on Facebook. There's a place for that, and it's called 4chan.

Instead of deleting the post and ducking out, Moore decided to throw gasoline on the flames, adding in this little gem: 

Eventually, Moore issued some type of an apology, stating:

"I did not in any way mean that to be mean-spirited… I really just wanted to talk to the fans directly, and the way things — particularly in the film business and the media business — are marketed, it's very difficult to get a direct conversation with [them]… the truth of the matter is, I am very proud of the movie."

You've shown your true colors, Chris Moore. You're making yourself out to the be the type of guy who steps on the little people to get where you want. The type of guy who sees fresh-faced production assistants as dispensable pieces of garbage. You're that guy, and all the virgins Jason Biggs killed to look exactly as he did thirteen years ago are going to haunt your fucking dreams.