Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal exchanged erotic tales to prepare for “Love and Other Drugs”

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"It's not the case of once a princess, always a princess," Anne Hathaway told the Daily Mirror, referring to an adage that I've never heard before.

To reiterate her point, she reminded the paper that her racy new movie Love and Other Drugs "is a sophisticated look at adult love. It isn't a movie for teenagers. I don't think they would understand it."

But you know who did understand it? Jake Gyllenhaal:

We had to go to a lot of emotionally and physically vulnerable places and we spent a lot of time rehearsing. We watched a lot of love scenes that have been done throughout film history and talked about which ones we liked and which ones we didn't.

We talked about our own experiences with love and intimacy, about what turned us on and what didn't. So it was completely open from the get-go. Jake described it as a kind of intellectual orgy and I think that sums it up best!

I can't imagine a term like "intellectual orgy" turns anyone on, except maybe teenagers. Still, though — hopefully the movie's DVD special features will treat us to some sexy, highly detailed tidbits from Hathaway's (and Gyllenhaal's, I guess) personal life? Please?