Another angry Mel Gibson rant to further prove his insanity

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You know, you've really got to admire Mel Gibson's enthusiasm for being a nutjob. I mean, I know I'd find it hard to consistently present myself as a total psycho for years on end. So, when a juicy transcript (and juicy recording) of Mel Gibson screaming at screenwriter Joe Eszterhas was released (by Eszterhas, naturally), any rumors of the wayward Australian's slow march back to sanity were promptly snuffed out — he's just as hateful as ever.

The recording is of Gibson berating Eszterhas for not finishing a draft of the soon-to-never-be film Maccabees (widely assumed to be an attempt to rehabilitate his whole "raging anti-Semite" image problem). Gibson turns in the performance of a decade: he really shines as he calls Eszterhas a treasure trove of insults such as:

1. A filthy little cocksucker

2. Fucking cunt cocksucker whore

Gibson is now so far off the deep end that he's now swimming with those blind neon fish at the bottom of the ocean. And the general suspicion surrounding the him wanting direct a movie about a tribe of heroic Jews is well-deserved. We're what, about six years away from that whole "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world" quote? What's the half life of horrible statements?

What will come of the relationship between Eszterhas and and Mel is up in the air, but until a common ground is reached, we can all spend our time reading the ten most offensive Mel Gibson quotes and watching the trailer for that bat-shit insane movie The Beaver. Come on, seriously? That was your attempt at rehabilitating your ruined image? A beaver puppet? That's crazier than a bag of… crazy-looking things. (It's before noon. And it's Thursday. Give me a break.)

You know, Gibson really said it best when he guest-starred on The Simpsons: "It's hell being Mel."