Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in new Terminator movie

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Unlike your grandfather, sixty-four-year-old retiring Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will soon be starring in a new film in the long-running and highly profitable Terminator franchise, assuming the backers can work out some pesky rights issues. Reasons to be concerned:

1. Arnold's presence is no guarantee of quality — Terminator 3 was pretty not-good.

2. James Cameron has nothing to do with it. Say what you will about Avatar, but the man maintains at least a certain crazed intensity. His movies are sometimes pretty dumb, but they always end up being events in a way that the average summer blockbuster never will.

3. Speaking of which, this thing would in theory be directed by Fast Five director Justin Lin. Coincidentally, it'd be the fifth Terminator film. How many times has the fifth anything been good?

4. By the way, Arnold looks like this now.

Regardless, we'll always have The Terminator, which is still a really tight and scary action movie, as well as Terminator 2, which seems pretty hilariously '90s now (Kid with rat-tail to kid with mushroom haircut: "Some cop's scopin' for you!"), but is still fun, despite or perhaps because of same. More on this as it develops, I'm afraid.