Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs, naturally

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Ashton Kutcher

Well folks, April Fools Day has come and gone, and it seems Ashton Kutcher is actually, really, seriously going to play Steve Jobs in a biopic.

The news initially broke yesterday, though people were so convinced it was a joke that Variety reporter Jeff Sneider had to post a sort of hilarious string of "Guys, I'm not kidding!" tweets:

tweet 1

ashton 2ashton 3

ashton 4

Sadly, Sneider hasn't tweeted "Psych!" so unlike "Conan O'Brien buys Mashable," "Charlize Theron releases sex tape,"  or "Rick Santorum respects gay rights," the "Ashton Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs" headline is not a drill. Though it should be noted that the movie is separate from the project being developed by Sony, based on the bestselling Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Kutcher's film is an indie flick simply titled Jobs and will begin shooting in May.

It's been pointed out that Kutcher does sorta look like young Jobs, but c'mon, studio dudes. What is this tomfoolery? I mean, does Ashton Kutcher even own a black turtleneck?