It seems that the new film by everyone's favorite ubiquitous actor/author/academic superstar, James Franco, is not for the squeamish.
According to the Sun, paramedics were summoned to the U.K. premiere of 127 Hours, after audience members started fainting. In the film, Franco portrays Aron Ralston, the true-life mountain climber who cut off his own arm after it got trapped under a rock.
And that wasn't the only reaction.
As one witness put it, "A man got up in the row behind me to rush out but he was sick in the aisle before he managed to get out." This comes on the heels of two people fainting at a U.S. screening earlier this month.
An unconfirmed rumor (started by me) has it that Franco was actually one of the paramedics on the scene, and was working on a John Keats dissertation in the ambulance on the way over. 

Commentarium (20 Comments)

Oct 30 10 - 6:24pm

I hope they're vomiting for the right reason.

Oct 30 10 - 7:04pm

What's the right reason for vomiting? Please share. =)

Oct 30 10 - 7:04pm

What's the right reason for vomiting?

Oct 30 10 - 8:52pm

Oh come on now. The movie can't be that bad. Can it?

Oct 30 10 - 9:42pm

I just mean I hope they're vomiting for the gore factor, not the quality of the film.

Oct 30 10 - 10:21pm

Another good reason to vomit is to expel a huge overdose of prescription pills. But I don't want to burden you guys.

Oct 30 10 - 11:26pm

I'm hoping that these reports are part of the marketing campaign and you're falling for it.

Oct 31 10 - 9:12pm

I saw Aron give a talk about the experience and it was really intense just listening to it. I could see this being a real thing.

Nov 01 10 - 10:24pm

People are a bunch of pansies, toughen up damn.

Nov 01 10 - 10:29pm

sometimes if you eat bad fish you also vomit

Nov 01 10 - 10:42pm

what a worthless article.. at least mention why.. awful writing AGAIN

Nov 01 10 - 10:59pm

the guy had to cut off his own arm with a dull blade because he was trapped by a boulder...i watched him on tv after it happened, and just listening to him talk about it makes one want to vomit...

Nov 01 10 - 11:06pm
paramedic z

the movie is about a guy cutting his hand off. think people. some lightweights couldn't handle the movie because it was too realistic

Nov 01 10 - 11:16pm

this is a lame marketing placement... no more

Nov 02 10 - 12:20am

Maybe they all ate contaminated food from the same candy bar... haha

Nov 02 10 - 12:54am

They did mention why you idiot. Because of the part where he cuts off his arm. Go back to English class and learn how to read.

Nov 02 10 - 1:24am

So he cut his arm off. Big deal, I do that all the time!

Nov 02 10 - 2:48am

Passions of the Christ i can see but a mountain climber????

Nov 02 10 - 3:43am

I was there at that screening and can confirm that no parademics were called and no one threw up and/or fainted. Also, never believe in what the sun says.

Nov 02 10 - 4:34am

Didn't actually happen. This guy's trying to start an internet rumour to see how far it'll spread.
Don't give him the satisfaction