Back-to-back Independence Day sequels in the works, Will Smith may or may not be on board

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Back when Will Smith was known for something other than providing the milliliters of sperm that formed wunderchildren Jaden and Willow, he was actually a really huge action-movie star whose biggest hit, Independence Day, earned $800 million worldwide after it was released in 1996. Soon, we might see the Fresh Prince return to the big screen with two upcoming, back-to-back sequels to the action thriller, which director Roland Emmerich is in the process of developing.

Unfortunately, however, if you're psyched about seeing Smith kick alien ass once again, you can put your excitement on hold, because Smith hasn't fer sure signed on yet to the sequels: he's still holding out for a $50 million paycheck. Which sounds a little excessive and kind of unreasonable, except when you consider that he's, um, Will Smith, and most of America would shell out $15 to watch him read the warning label off a bottle of Robitussin.

As of now, Fox, Emmerich, and Smith are still in negotiations over the sequels, with one insider explaining that the conversation is less about whether Smith wants to do the movie, and "more to do with 'Whose dick is bigger?'" But with a third installment of Men In Black to be released next year, a starring role in an upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film, and a new album supposedly in the works, it looks like the answer to that question skews heavily in Smith's favor. After all, as Captain Stephen Hiller, he led a squadron of F/A-18 hornets on a mission to defend our country from extraterrestrial forces. Isn't $50 million the least that we owe this man, America?