Banksy takes his Oscar campaign to the walls of L.A.

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New pieces of Banksy's street art have cropped up in Los Angeles, proving that even if he won't be onstage for the Oscars — the Academy refused to let him wear a monkey mask should Exit Through The Gift Shop win Best Documentary — he'll still be there, somewhere. (Side note: I think the Oscars could use more monkey masks, not fewer. Tell me you wouldn't tune in if winners were required to wear one.) Here are the two new pieces, which should only fuel his Oscar buzz, except among Academy voters who are in their seventies and think he's in "one of those gangs I read about in the paper":

This one is located in Westwood on Kinross Street, in between Westwood and Glendon, for any LA readers who'd like to see for themselves.

And this one's "on Sunset Blvd in the Sunset Strip, across the street from Pink Dot." I don't know what that means, because I don't know LA very well.