Barbra Streisand whips Indiana Jones in long lost video

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Barbra Streisand

Turns out Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom wasn’t entirely worthless after all. We just stumbled across an extremely rare, extremely low quality clip of Barbra Streisand, in full dominatrix gear, whipping Harrison Ford for his cinematic crimes on the set of the (now second) worst Indiana movie ever committed to film.

Apparently this blessed event occurred when Streisand showed up on set as Steven Spielberg was shooting a scene in which Indy is whipped by a Thuggee nemesis. Thuggees are, in case you forgot, those demonic Indians who sacrifice humans, enslave children, and eat monkey brains. You know, traditional Hindu stuff. Anyway, Spielberg thought it would be hilarious if they swapped in Streisand instead, and a new viral classic was born.

As she beats him, Streisand calls Ford out for his transgressions: making obscene amounts of money off Return of the Jedi and Hanover Street. (Because these were simpler times, when that Sabrina remake was just some joke a sloshed Sydney Pollack made at a cocktail party.)

Luckily, Ford is rescued from Babs by none other than Carrie Fisher, who even drops a Star Wars line before passionately kissing him. Oh, and that director who gives them notes? That would be Irvin Kershner, the director of The Empire Strikes Back.