Bill & Ted 3 confirmed by Alex Winter

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As previously reported in this space, a second sequel to beloved dumb-comedy classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure has long been rumored; now, it's confirmed. Alex Winter (that's Bill) tells MTV Movies Blog that he, Keanu Reeves, and screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have "finally hit on an idea that we think's pretty great." Since the two dopes' first journey was temporal and their second was metaphysical, I always figured the third should be celestial (Bill & Ted's Cosmic Sojourn — it writes itself, I'm telling you), but given that the leads are now pushing fifty, the right modifier might actually be "existential." On the other hand, they've already faced Death and won. It's unclear when the movie will actually reach theaters, but it seems reasonably likely to happen. (Alex Winter needs the money, right?)