Bizarre Avatar-themed weddings take place in China

Pandora wedding in China

A young girl dreams of that magical day when she will join her husband in holy matrimony — surrounded by friends, family, and perhaps a couple of Na'vi "extras" hired for the occasion. At least, if you happen to tie the knot in Wulingyuan, a scenic area in Hunan Province, China.

The region's 3,100 ft. tall quartzite sandstone pillars served as inspiration for the "floating mountains" of Pandora in the movie Avatar.  And after Avatar became bigger than Jesus and John Lennon combined, forestry officials went into full exploitation mode and began offering "Pandora Tours," as well as Pandora-themed weddings.

So what's the verdict on these theme weddings?

According to one bride, Xiao Tsao, who was married in a multi-couple joint service, "The Na'vi were a couple of forestry workers dressed up in long underwear dyed blue wearing some very unconvincing masks. It was really pathetic."

So much for that magical day. And it seemed like it had such potential, what with those Klingon weddings being passe and all.

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Dec 08 10 - 1:15pm

Themed weddings are both strange and wonderful to me. But this goes too far, mostly because it's not a great movie. I think a Revolutionary Road themed wedding would be better.

Dec 08 10 - 1:44pm

I don't know about a Revolutionary Road-themed wedding. What would that look like, bloody fetuses hanging as a mental patient wanders around? Maybe a Tron: Legacy wedding would work, I don't know.

Dec 08 10 - 1:48pm

Blue it would seem is the new white

Dec 08 10 - 1:50pm

That is so lame.

Dec 08 10 - 3:09pm
Forget Revolutionary

How about a "The Road"-themed wedding

Dec 08 10 - 3:39pm

I plan to have my wedding themed after the movie "Caligula"

Dec 08 10 - 6:20pm

I can't wait for the Beiber themed weddings to start!

Dec 08 10 - 7:13pm

My themed wedding would be... Happy Feet!

Dec 08 10 - 8:01pm
got it

A Rachel Getting Married themed wedding. Done.

Dec 08 10 - 10:21pm

I attended one of these when I was there last month! I found it a little bit confusing and random at first...however when the bridesmaids and best men had to dress up like Na'vi and fight off soldiers in robot-mecha costumes so the wedding could continue, I got pretty into it! Nothing makes a wedding more entertaining than a paintball fight between people dressed like aliens and robots.

Dec 11 10 - 12:20pm

Too many fails to mention in that photo.

Dec 20 10 - 8:29pm

oh my goodness those poor girls have their special day ruined. i remeber mine like yesterday;
I've just watch this movie at

Jan 03 11 - 10:11pm


Nov 20 11 - 11:27am

It's imerpatvie that more people make this exact point.

Nov 21 11 - 3:12pm

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