Breaking Dawn is now triggering seizures

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Breaking Dawn: Part One has reportedly induced at least two seizures since its opening last weekend, and it isn't due to the wondrously bland acting, astonishing baby name choice of Renesme, or kinda blatant domestic abuse. Nope, it's all thanks to that DIY c-section scene.

The first incident happened in Roseville, California. Brandon Gephart was watching the movie with his girlfriend Kelly Bauman when the seizure attack began. He blacked out during the incident, but Bauman said he was "convulsing, snorting, trying to breathe" on the theater floor. Similarly, an anonymous Utah man started shaking and mumbling during the scene; though his wife confirmed the episode, he doesn't remember it, either.

Highly scientific reports on "internet movie sites" are bringing to light even more cases, so it sounds like, as a matter of public safety, you should probably skip this movie. I know, I know. It has that adorable romance between a teen werewolf and an infant. But seriously, think of your health.