Noted gay-rights advocate Brett Ratner now working for GLAAD

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And cue the damage control. Brett Ratner stepped down from producing the Oscars after he remarked last November that "rehearsal is for fags." (I mean, obviously. What kind of producer rehearses a show?)

But now it seems Ratner is trying to make amends with the gay community by producing and directing a new campaign for GLAAD. According to GLAAD, the campaign will "feature Hollywood celebrities, athletes, musicians, and politicians 'coming out of the closet' as supporters of equality. They will share personal stories about why and how they support the LGBT community and call on Americans to do the same."

Ratner must be hoping this new gig gets him back in the good graces of about half the people in Hollywood. During the initial blowup, he released an apology for his comments along with a shout-out to the organization saving his show-biz ass. "I am grateful to GLAAD for engaging me in a dialog about what we can do together to increase awareness of the important and troubling issues this episode has raised and I look forward to working with them," Ratner said. Somewhere, some GLAAD executive is raising his martini glass and muttering, "That's right. Grovel."