I'd like to look at this as a Geek vs. Jock story (yes, I'm aware that Thor is a comic book, so it's kind of geeky too, but... uh, look at that guy). Or even better, as Quality Movies vs. Bad Ones rather than as a Guy/Girl thing. But regardless, ladies won! Bridesmaids has beaten the mighty Thor at the midweek box office. True, it's not the weekend box office, where Thor dominated, but still — progress is progress, especially after the whole world predicted that a movie where funny women lead the show would bomb.

Bridesmaids' major selling point has not been the massive ad campaign or publicity blitz, but rather good old-fashioned word of mouth. The exact numbers are Bridesmaids taking in 3.4 million on Tuesday to Thor's 3.1 million. Not a huge difference, but enough for everyone in Hollywood to be impressed and shocked that gasp, people want to see good, funny, original movies.

So naturally there's already talk about a Bridesmaids sequel. That's what happens to humorous originals: they get beaten to death. Hangover II, anyone?

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May 19 11 - 12:19pm

Comic book based movies are not "kind of geeky". They are utterly geeky and I am sick of them squeezing real movies off the screens. However movies based on Disneyland rides are all right by me.

May 19 11 - 1:31pm

You'd have to sedate me to see a chick flick (I'm female) but Bridesmaids was genuinely one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

May 19 11 - 1:31pm

There's nothing wrong with a movie being based on a comic book. Like any other product movies are subject to the project triangle. And the studios are run by people who failed geometry.

May 20 11 - 11:17am

My very first thought is "well, of course; there are more women than men with free time during the daytime on weekdays..." I wonder if that's true.

Jun 04 11 - 12:03pm

even so, a good movie is a good movie no matter what gender you are. And a movie is a better movie no matter what gender you are. I don't think whether you're female or male plays into how well a movie is rated.

Nov 20 11 - 11:53am

Good point. I hadn't tohghut about it quite that way. :)

Nov 21 11 - 2:51pm

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