“Buried” writer plans to trap you inside of an ATM now

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Brian Geraghty, the man who wrote Buried – the film where Ryan Reynolds is buried inside of a coffin in Iraq, because of terrorism – is about to begin production on another film set in an inconvenient location. (It is such an interesting way to look at film! Or something.)

The plot of ATM truly captures the cinéma vérité spirit:

The official logline is an action film which “centers on three co-workers who — on a routine stop at an ATM — unexpectedly end up in a desperate fight for their lives.” The story follows three co-workers driving home together from a employee Christmas party in the city. They decide to grab some late night pizza, for which they must stop at the ATM, to get some cash. Apparently, this is where the fun starts — about 15 or 20 minutes into the story. ATM exchanges the cramped 7 foot by 3 foot wooden coffin seen in Buried for a 15 square foot indoor ATM shack. The 24-hour ATM is located in a remote area of the barren supermarket parking lot, in a not-so-great neighborhood.  The rest of the story is set primarily in the ATM vestibule, and never leaves the supermarket parking lot. More details after the jump. /Film

Parties: that’s something we all do. Going to the ATM? At least twice a week. Late night pizza? All the time! Being trapped inside an ATM unit because an unknown gunman is trying to kill me? Yes. At least we have a few more square feet for the camera to move around in this time. Maybe Geraghty will even take the camera outside of the booth, and not choose to tirelessly commit to a shtick-y visual conceit in the first place.