Catch a first look at the concept art for Pixar’s “Brave”

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Pixar's Brave — formally titled The Bear and the Bow — isn't coming out until June of 2012, but the first concept art from the film has appeared online, and it all looks very beautiful and very Scottish. (It's Ewan McGregor, basically.)

You may remember that the film, which will be the first non-sequel from the studio since Up, was also going to be the first Pixar film directed by a woman, until Brenda Chapman was switched out for Mark Andrews. And while that news dismayed some who felt Pixar's films were too male-centric, Brave still has the studio's first female protagonist, Merida. On the upside, she's excellent with a bow and arrow and is, I'm going to assume, plucky and courageous. On the downside, she's a princess.

You can head over to for one more shot. The film follows Merida as she sets out to bring peace to her parents' kingdom, putting to end some sort of unrest she caused. I can't tell what that scourge might be from these shots, but given my knowledge of Scotland, I'm going to say… deep-fried Mars bars?