Charlize Theron gets nasty in “Snow White and the Huntsman” trailer

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It's official: Kristen Stewart only stars in movies where other characters want to literally eat her. In the coming year alone she'll have one guy give her a C-section with his teeth (!) and she'll have Charlize Theron try to chow down on her heart. (Theron, it should be noted, looks amazing in this role. She could suck the youth out of me any time she wants. And that sounded so much less gross in my head.) So maybe K-Stew just cannot get a break, but at least as Snow White she gets to put on some armor and pal around with Thor.

Of the two upcoming Snow White films, this is the "dark" one — you can tell because of all the ravens and shattering glass — and while I appreciate its faithfulness to the gore of the original story, something still feels a bit off. Maybe it's the CGI, which gave me some major Brothers Grimm flashbacks (and that is something no live-action fairytale-based feature wants). But this raises the question: has there ever really been a good live-action fairytale-based feature?