Check out a cool supercut of major movies released in 2011

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Everyone likes supercuts, and I'm not talking about a place to get a cheap haircut. I'm talking about that subculture of film-buff editing whizzes with too much time on their hands. Seeing as end-of-the-year-retrospective time is upon us, with the Oscars looming, it's only fitting that someone whip together a mash-up of many of the major movies released in 2011 (166 to be exact), and that person is YouTube user hatinhand, of "Beatdown to Beethoven's Fifth" fame. (Or not.)

Hatinhand spent over a month uploading and editing his "2011 Portfolio," which runs the gamut from The Adjustment Bureau to Zookeeper. As he describes it:

"This is where a cathartic and overarching statement would succintly sum up the year's displays of creativity, passion, ingenuity, and bravado, but the only thing that comes to mind is: weird shit. Lots of weird shit. War horses and evil clowns. Hobos with shotguns and super-powered Nazi hunters. Cancer comedies and a silent warrior in a scorpion jacket. Iconoclasts, conspirators, madmen, and crusaders. And a badass David Tennant. What's not to like? Something for everyone."

There are a few omissions, such as Abduction, Jack & Jill, Bucky Larson, etc., but that's by design and for obvious reasons. It's fun to see how many movies you can identify (and to score yourself, you can check the full list of clips helpfully provided here) while reliving flicks you've seen, and having your appetite whetted for ones you haven't. And if you have trouble recognizing something, you may have to enhance the image.