Check out the full-length trailer for Prometheus, with bonus Michael Fassbender

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As a reward for surviving your St. Patrick's Day (and post-St. Patrick's Day hangover), the good people at Twentieth Century Fox have released the first full-length trailer for Prometheus, the Alien prequel due this summer. And in case Ridley Scott sci-fi isn't your idea of a reward, there's an extra spot that is literally a thirty-second close-up of Michael Fassbender's beautiful face. Oh Fox, you know me too well.

This new trailer finds the crew of Prometheus spending some quality time in dark space caves/tunnels as they investigate an alien civilization in hopes of finding the origins of humanity. It's got a pretty great cast, and is sending Scott back to his futuristic roots, which is awesome news, but I would have been sold on that quick shot of Fassbender twirling in a web of lights alone. Also, Noomi Rapace in a summer blockbuster leading role? Get it, girl.

A demo from the Alien franchise's fictional corporation, Weyland Industries, promoting their David android, also surfaced with the new trailer:

Hopefully Prometheus continues to make excellent use of Michael Fassbender in its promotions, because after a year of relentless Fassy, 2012 is looking pretty paltry by comparison. Cable TV, I'm counting on you to rectify this tragedy. It's guest-star-negotiation go-time.