Check out the terrifying pics of Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” remake

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Hm, you know, that title's actually a bit too vague. So, just to clarify: Johnny Depp's character, vampire Barnabas Collins, doesn't look terrifying. Johnny Depp does, and this film's future looks suddenly grim. Because it looks like Tim Burton (probably off vacationing in some foreboding wood or candy-colored whimsy palace) decided to let the BurtonBot 3000 handle this one, as he's been wont to do lately. Go BurtonBot, go:

I'll say this much: the BurtonBot 3000 knows how to be thrifty! With this look, if the producers need more footage but Depp isn't available or the budget's just not there, they can slap on some CGI glasses and a hat to his characters from Alice In Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Sweeney Todd and call it a day.

Sigh. I know Burton has an aesthetic — one that got him where he is today and one that many people respond to — and I know his films are still successful, but… when was the last time he surprised you, really? Remember when you made things like this, Tim?

Halcyon days, my friends. Halcyon days.