Chloe Moretz offered the title role in Carrie remake

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Chloe Moretz is quickly rising to the top of the hot teen actress pile. (Dear god, that sounds pervy. Metaphorical pile! "Hot" meaning "in demand!") After a string of well-received performances in films like Kick Ass, Let Me In, and Hugo — not to mention some nice guest appearances on 30 RockMoretz has been offered the lead in director Kimberly Pierce's remake of Carrie. And before you ask: no, you will never see a film that is not an adaptation, remake, or sequel again in your life. Stop asking.

All the expected names had been bandied about before the announcement was made, like the Fanning sisters, as well as some not-so-obvious choices, like relative newcomer Haley Bennett. You might know Bennett from Gregg Araki's candy-colored sci-fi tale Kaboom; personally, I think she's great, though she does smolder a bit more than the Carrie White we know and love. (And fear.) But that's moot now, because Moretz has clawed her way past the competition and will continue her streak of big-name films. Watch your back, Fannings: Moretz has six titles coming out in the next two years, according to IMDb, and that doesn't even include this one. Also, I'm pretty sure she knows how to throw knives.

Can Moretz make a convincing wallflower-turned-psychic-killer? She can do grave pretty well (see Let Me In), but there's been an intelligence in all her performances that might not work for someone as naive and withdrawn as Carrie White. And before you brush this off as a lightweight role in a genre movie, remember that the original Carrie, Sissy Spacek, received an Oscar nomination for her performance. Considering that Pierce's Boys Don't Cry won Hillary Swank an Oscar, this could be a surprisingly meaty project. Or a schlock-fest. I'll probably watch either way.