Chris Tucker will try to prove he’s still funny, relevant with stand-up comedy tour

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Since Rush Hour (and then, the totally unnecessary sequels to Rush Hour), Chris Tucker seems to have spent the last four years in a cave in Pakistan. But this August, he'll return to the spotlight and to his comedic roots; he recently announced his first stand-up tour in over a decade.

Tucker debuted in the early 90's on HBO's Def Comedy Jam, becoming a popular regular known for his audacious material and over-the-top delivery. Catching the attention of Hollywood studios, Tucker made his acting debut in the lackluster House Party 3 but gained momentum and greater film recognition as Smokey, the pot-loving sidekick to Ice Cube in the comedy classic Friday. Hitting a peak as the funny man partner to Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour series, Tucker seemed to lose steam and hasn't appeared in a film since.

The question is, will he be funny? He was funny, at a time, that much we know. But many comedians-turned-actors have made similar forays back into the stand-up world with harrowing results (re: Martin Lawrence's Runteldat and Tim Allen's recent run in California). Hopefully the years haven't softened the biting edge that made Tucker's early work stand out. 

If you need help remembering how funny Tucker used to be, watch this: