Christina Hendricks signs on to do Seconds of Pleasure

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Christina Hendricks

Given the title, I admit, my first thought was that a film with that title would be what Mad Men fans everywhere have been secretly waiting for. Don't act like that's not why you clicked.

But alas, though Christina Hendricks has signed up for a film called Seconds of Pleasure, it just isn't about the seconds of pleasure you'd experience in her loving embrace. (Let's face it, minutes would be pushing it.) Rather, the film's going to be set on a plane and will connect a group of passengers through looks into their pre-flight lives. Misleading, I know. Maybe you Hendricks lovers will get a little mile-high action or a sexy flashback, but I doubt it. 

The project, directed by Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas), will also feature Matt Dillon, Julia Stiles, and Brendan Fraser. Honesty time: besides Hendricks, I'm not too excited about that cast. I wasn't aware Fraser was allowed to do movies where he isn't an archaeologist/action-hero, and I was pretty sure that Julia Stiles was dead. Hopefully, their characters' lives are extremely interesting, and there aren't any mummies on the flight. Fraser is set to play Hendricks' husband, by the way, so if you guys get that sex scene you're hoping for, it might be a little bittersweet.