Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush have a talent-off in “The King’s Speech”

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Two of my favorite British exports, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, star in The King's Speech which has already won the top honor the 2010 Toronto Film Festival last week. Firth plays England's King George VI who, in addition ruling a whole country and owning a bunch of others, has a bit of a stutter. If he doesn't sound like a very sympathetic fellow, or if stuttering doesn't strike you as a particularly damning flaw, watch the trailer. In typical Colin Firth, English-Sad-Man fashion, he makes you care.

Geoffrey Rush reprises his every-role as the big, showy torrent of emotion, which we always love. As King George's speech therapist, Rush kicks the king's ass a little bit, and in the process gives him the courage to go on (or something). Plus, Helena Bonham Carter. This definitely doesn't look like your typical, dry period piece. (That Hitler joke? A well-executed Hitler joke?) It has all the trappings of bland Oscar bait but the added bonus of being, you know, lively and fun. Definitely looking forward to this.