College students vie to make Quidditch a real sport

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Quidditch brooms.

People who grew up reading the Harry Potter books are all bound together by one sad reality: that it's not real. But according to the Wall Street Journal, some refuse to believe it, going so far as treating the popular witch pastime of Quidditch like it's a real thing that real humans do

Reports the highly respected newspaper:

There are tournaments, new rules and special brooms for competitive play. The "Quidditch World Cup" is moving this year to the Big Apple from Middlebury's idyllic campus. More than 60 college and high school teams have registered to compete Nov. 13 and 14—up from 20 last year—at a park in Manhattan.

So yes, they do use brooms.

One ambitious student is trying to get the NCAA to recognize her refusal to grow up Quidditch, a move she thinks could be a "stepping stone" to the game becoming an Olympic sport.

Watch the plight of one student trying to get NYU to acknowledge the whims of her Quidditch team: