Controversial Jim Carrey comedy “I Love You Phillip Morris” finally secures release date

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Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor

It was a long journey for I Love You Phillip Morris, a dark comedy starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as star-crossed cell mates. It recieved rave reviews at Sundance in 2009 (despite the awful trailer music and weird tonal shifts in the trailer, below) but suffered several delays in release date, the death knell for movies. People speculated why this film, which apparently displays Jim Carrey making a salient post-fellatio decision (yes, that one), had such a hard time findind a distributor. And the initial reluctance to release it lead to more reluctance to release it because you don't want to seem afraid to put out this movie you spent all this money on, do you?

The film rights finally changed hands after two missed dates, and Roadside Attractions will release the film Dec. 3 in select theatres, presumably, until it starts raking in the big dough. Whether audiences actually want to see that seminal Jim Carrey scene or not, we should all admit we feel a little compelled to.