Courtney Love thinks The Muppets “raped” Kurt Cobain

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What is up with people getting so sensitive about movie soundtracks these days? First you have Hitchcock blonde Kim Novak claiming that hearing a snippet of the score from Vertigo in The Artist felt like rape. Now alt-rock blonde and noted crazy person Courtney Love has said that The Muppets "raped" the memory of her husband Kurt Cobain by using "Smells Like Teen Spirit" without her permission, and that she has final say on the use of any Nirvana song. For the record, it appears that Love actually sold off the rights to distribute Cobain's songs a while ago, and that company got permission from the two surviving Nirvana members first, and Dave Grohl was even in the movie. So she is probably not right about this from a legal standpoint.

But also, uh, guys, let's cool it with the rape comparisons, yeah? The Novak situation is a bit more complicated: after people questioned her original statement, she spoke out again to say that she was actually raped when she was younger, and the emotions she felt about both experiences were the same. It does seem… unexpected, I will say, that the response to two such very different events would be identical, but I'm not about to tell Novak how she should feel about her experience with sexual assault. It still feels a bit like trivializing the impact of actual rape to compare it to a soundtrack sample, but again: complicated.

Love, meanwhile, has a tendency to say provocative things because that's sort of her whole thing. Considering Love made very powerful statements about actual rape and sexual assault back when she was in Hole, it's unfortunate to see her being a bit more cavalier with the word these days. Let's just all keep that comparison in a special lock box like we should do with comparisons to Hitler and the word "panty." (Just an awful word.) Our conversations will be better for it.