Create your own Michael Bay movie with “The Bayifier”

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michael bay movie mock-up on bayifier

No one is as good as Michael Bay at making money off blowing things up for two hours on film. At least, until now. A new site called Bayifier has revealed his secrets to making hundred-million-dollar blockbusters, a magic formula that involves explosions, fighter jets, history, famous locations, and Shia LaBeouf's face.

The beauty of Bayifier is that you can also load your own photos on to the site. Want to make grandma feel like a genuine movie star? Blam! Bayifi-her. Photos from your summer trip a little too boring to show off at work? Well, not anymore.

Now when the trailers come out for Bay's next summer movie, and you tell yourself "No way! I'm not seeing that," but end up going opening weekend (it happens to all of us sometimes), you can at least know that you could have stayed home and beat Bay at his own game.