David Lynch will open a Mulholland Drive-themed nightclub in Paris

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Party like a rock star? No. Party like a delusional Hollywood actress searching for clues with your brunette lesbian fling after a car crash? Yes. David Lynch is opening a nightclub based on his 2001 mindfuck of a film, Mulholland Drive. It will be named Silencio, after the club in the movie. The space will feature a cinema, an art gallery, a restaurant (named Winkies?), and a concert hall, in addition to the most badass bar you've ever had the pleasure of going to. The only downside to the club is it's in Paris, so start saving those pennies if you want to have a true Lynchian nightclub experience.

I can't tell if this makes total sense, or if it's the most randomly themed celebrity-endorsement deal I've ever heard about. On the one hand, it's his movie. On the other, I can't help but think of Ozzy Osbourne promoting I Can't Believe It's Not Butter or Whitney Port promoting Snapple. Still, even if random, it's totally awesome. Will this start a trend of genius directors opening themed nightclubs? Are there any other iconic film clubs or bars that need to be made a reality? Would you go to Silencio on your summer sojourn to Paris?