Not letting the cancelation of United States of Tara get to her, Diablo Cody (nee Brook Busey, which I say apropos of nothing, except what a silly name, right?) has a new project on her plate. The Oscar winner and former stripper will write and direct Lamb of God, which follows "the story of a woman who loses her faith in God after a plane crash, but rediscovers it in it Vegas while living 'the life of a sinner.'" Cody took to her tumblr to explain her excitement:

If I hear a certain type of music for a scene, I don’t have to shyly suggest it. I can use it. If I picture an actor in a role, I can offer them said role... I’m accustomed to riding shotgun... and for the first time, I get to be the Captain and Tennille. Holy shit.”

Cody gets a lot of shit for her endless cultural references and obnoxiously twee dialogue in Juno, but I'm excited for her directing debut. She's not for everyone, but she's a strong female writing talent who writes good parts for women — something Hollywood sorely needs. We all got behind Bridesmaids despite a lame first trailer; will you wait and see the film before dismissing it? Or is Cody's quirky writing enough to keep you away, let along her directorial finishes and soundtrack choices?

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Jun 30 11 - 2:12pm

I think she's a female Kevin Smith--strong, unique first movie that grows steadily more obnoxious with each viewing and completely unbelievable dialogue. Not unbelievable in a good way, more just like...people don't speak like that. Strongly "Meh."

Jun 30 11 - 3:10pm

That's a perfect description! I thought juno was great the first time I saw it and now I can't stand it! I don't mind strange dialogue in a situation such as a Lynch movie because it fits, there are strange situations so it makes sense. With Cody though, the writing doesn't fit the situation at all. She needs a more exaggerated style to compliment the writing. She also seems obnoxious, preachy and obvious, but that's just my opinion.

On a side note, is there a proofreader at nerve? Every post has at least one typo! "let 'along' her directorial finishes..." come on, nerve, step it up.

Jun 30 11 - 3:10pm

I think she's a female hack.

Jun 30 11 - 3:29pm

Good call, on the Kevin Smith comparison.

Jun 30 11 - 4:46pm
chin-strap dildo

REALLY Good Call- she's JUST like a female Kevin Smith! (WOW!)

Jun 30 11 - 3:41pm

Jennifer's Body was deffo a personal favourite. Excited to see how this will do!

Jun 30 11 - 4:29pm

It was a lot more fun than Juno IMO. It was silly, but it wasn't trying to say anything serious, it was just a campy grrl's horror flick.

Jun 30 11 - 4:31pm

Now maybe I'm biased because I have a set of nuts, I don't know, but Kevin Smith is great, and the first trailer for brides maids had me. I still can't figure out your hate for that perticular trailer. But never the less, theirs always some asshole like the one named K who has to bring up a typo, fuck you by the way. Anyways Diablo Cody, and I shudder saying this, the broad has won an oscar, and I'm sure she and Kevin Smith are laughing all the way to the bank every time one of their movies comes out, that you all, as it seems have paid good money to go see. I'd say you were all the suckers.

Jun 30 11 - 6:58pm

and the 'prick of the day award' goes to... 'So-What'! congrats! come on down to pick up your swift kick to the nuts! it must feel nice to be one of the many who are helping to regress society, well done.

Jul 03 11 - 10:27pm

i'm surprised no one has pointed out the "perticular" in the comment bitching about people who bitch about typos...that's just asking for it...

Jun 30 11 - 8:29pm

I liked her better as a stripper.

Jul 01 11 - 1:52am

I didn't like Juno much, but I loved Jennifer's Body and United States of Tara. Isn't she also supposed to be doing a Sweet Valley High movie?

Jul 01 11 - 10:11am

You know, the first time I saw "Jennifer's Body," I was in awe of how awful it was, but... now I kind of love it. It's hilarious and gross and has excellent repeat-viewing value.

Jul 01 11 - 11:04am

I hate to sound like some patchuli scented new age hippy dude, but I always feel a little bad for all the shit Diablo Cody has to take as a female writer (and now director). It seems like it's impossible for any article to mention her, without mentioning her stripping past. Jesus Christ, she's won an Oscar .

And the "people don't talk like that" argument? Tell that to Aaron Sorkin, or better yet, Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars Thomas, not the Douchebox 20 Thomas) or Joss Whedon. Thomas and Whedon have (deservedly) received endless praise for creating Veronica Mars and Buffy, both of whom were strong, witty, smart HIGHSCHOOL girls. Or how about an even more curious example, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Gilmore Girls. Again, a show about an impossibly bright, impossibly articulate teen. Notably, like Juno, all of these girls share a near autistic use of pop culture references in their dialogue).

So why does Diablo Cody take a shitstorm of criticism for the exact same thing? I can't be sure, but I have to tie it back into stereotypes, and yes, the stripping. Girls just aren't nice to strippers (even ex-strippers); and Guys, they may respect you for your looks, or they may respect you for your brains...but just don't dare put the two together. That's a little too intimidating for our egos.

Jul 01 11 - 4:48pm
Danielle Gibson

I'm not saying stripping is bad. And judging by her comfort talking about it in the late-show circuit (and, uh, the book she wrote about about it), I highly doubt Cody is worried or ashamed by her past being brought up.

Jul 01 11 - 5:51pm

I don't really disagree with this. I probably could have been more eloquent. My main point was that I think Cody's screenwriting is unfairly maligned, and I think that's at least in part because she's a good looking gal/ex-stripper. Now maybe she "brought that on herself" by embracing (promoting?) her stripping past, but I still think Cody's flicks should be judge on their merits, and I don't. Think she always gets a fair shake.