Disney hires Malcolm Gladwell to punch up thriller script

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Disney has hired New Yorker staff writer Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point and Blink, to "smarten up" (says Deadline) a thriller script by David Arata, the guy who adapted Children of Men. (Apparently the studio behind Tron Legacy thought Children of Men just wasn't quite cerebral enough.) According to Deadline, Hexum is the story of

a CIA threat-assessment analyst, an alternative-thinking brainiac who is relegated to a distant corner of the CIA where he assembles theories nobody pays attention to. By connecting a series of seemingly random occurrences, he uncovers a sinister adversary planning an imminent global threat.

In fairness to Disney, this does sound like the daydream of a pre-massive-recognition Malcolm Gladwell. Connecting seemingly random occurrences is, after all, his whole thing. Hexum will be his first movie (he's getting a credit as executive producer), but if he delivers this time, maybe Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will end up being a ruminative look at swashbuckling and the adaptive unconscious.