Disney kills “Yellow Submarine” remake

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Phew. The Walt Disney Company has just nixed plans to remake the trippy Beatles' film, Yellow Submarine. The movie was going to be directed by Robert Zemeckis, the brain behind last week's box-office flop Mars Needs Moms (as well as, of course, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, et al) and would have featured the motion-capture technology he's been leaning on for his last decade of work. So the best news of all is that we no longer have to be worried about the prospect of sixteen classic Beatles songs being butchered by creepy special effects.

Of course, budgetary concerns were Disney's main reason for pulling the plug on the project. Had they actually gone through with it, the movie probably would have been an expensively, spectacular failure along the lines of that Spider-man musical. (This probably looked all the more obvious in the light of Mars Needs Moms' disastrous showing.) Besides, don't we have enough remakes and sequels clogging multiplexes as it is?