The new Linda Lovelace biopic (with the stunningly original title Lovelace) has been getting attention lately for its stunt casting (Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem, Francobot-9000 as Hugh Hefner), and now there's a new wrinkle to the story that Dave's Old Porn fans and those otherwise anticipating a retro, Boogie Nights vibe probably won't object to. Namely, the fact that Amanda Seyfried, as Lovelace, will be appearing naked as a jaybird (or a sparrow, or whatever).

According to Patrick Muldoon, a producer at Lovelace production company, Eclectic Pictures: 

"It's going to be very risque. It's a new thing for her, but it's not about nudity. It's profound, the performance that she's giving... She's doing such an amazing job. We're about two weeks into filming, and the movie's going to be incredible. Thematically, it's talking about how abusive the porn industry was to Linda Lovelace. Yes, there's a lot of nudity, but it's a message movie about respecting women."

Good to hear about the positive message, and hopefully the real Lovelace (who died in 2002) will receive some measure of redemption: she was actually pushed into making Deep Throat by her abusive husband.

As for Seyfried, going full-frontal in the interest of authenticity may not be as challenging as you'd expect. Pop-culture mavens may recall her phone interview back in February with Justin Timberlake for (again, stunningly original) Interview magazine, which Seyfried admittedly conducted in the buff. In fact, she confessed, "I'm most comfortable in my birthday suit." So maybe she was the right choice for the role after all.

Commentarium (11 Comments)

Jan 12 12 - 3:30pm

Linda Lovelace was never fully nude in the movie Deep Throat and never showed her breasts. It would be odd if the actress playing her in the biopic ends up being more nude than she was in the actual movie.

Jan 12 12 - 3:32pm

*** To be clear, I meant that she never showed her breasts in the Deep Throat movie. I am sure her breasts were uncovered at some other point in her life.

Jan 12 12 - 3:40pm

Hmmmm. And how exactly do you know this? (Don't worry, I won't type "wink wink.")

Jan 12 12 - 3:57pm

Fuck Linda Lovelace. She did deep throat and some other films, then when porn or blue films as they liked to call them didn't take off like Holletwood thought they were going to,and her star status didn't take off like she had hoped, she turned against the porn industry when the femanist movement started to realy explode. She got used by them as much as she did by the porn industry. But then when hard times hit she scrapped her her femanist beliefs and went back to porn. Fuck her, she's only a victem because she allowed herself to be.

Jan 12 12 - 4:24pm

How can one be "very" naked? Either one is, or one isn't.

If Meh watched the original film, all well and good. One can't have an informed opinion without gathering information.

Jan 12 12 - 4:37pm

I hear you, but I still prefer "very" naked and, if possible, "very,very" naked.

Jan 12 12 - 6:16pm

@JeffMills @Wurdsmith: I guess I am outing myself on Nerve by admitting that I am old enough to have seen Deep Throat and Devil in Miss Jones double-billed at an actual movie theater and Linda Lovelace's boobs stayed covered throughout the movie.

Jan 12 12 - 6:25pm

You watched both back-to-back? That must have been a very satisfying experience.

Jan 12 12 - 6:30pm

Unlike Ms. Lovelace, it did not suck.

Jan 12 12 - 5:46pm
mr. man

francobot9000. nice. amanda, give me a jingle.

Jan 12 12 - 5:57pm

"Yes, there's a lot of nudity, but it's a message movie about respecting women."
Hollywood won't respect a woman until they get her to strip. How rich, a movie to address exploiting women while it exploits women.