Drew Barrymore will direct How to Be Single

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Drew Barrymore.

Only a few of you have seen Whip It, the movie in which a character played by Ellen Page gets swept up in Austin's vibrant rollerderby scene. And probably even fewer of you actually liked it. But all of you know Drew Barrymore, who directed that flop. And now you know that she's at it again: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Barrymore has signed on to direct How to Be Single, an adaptation of the 2008 Liz Tuccillo novel. 

This newest effort of hers promises to "explore the love lives and break-ups of a group of New Yorkers over the course of ten years" and will be "in the mold of New Line’s successful multi-story pics such as He’s Just Not That Into You [also based on a book written by Tuccillo, with Greg Behrendt] and Valentine’s Day," which is THR's way of saying it'll be a broad romantic comedy without saying it'll be a broad romantic comedy. If we're lucky, though, someone will convince Barrymore that the project should be more like the movies Paris, Je T'aime and New York, I Love You, which were mostly fun to watch. Otherwise, we probably won't see it and will never know how to be single!