Eddie Murphy swears off family films, does one more family film

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Eddie Murphy mugs his way through yet another family-friendly groaner.

Like you, I've also been awaiting the moment that Eddie Murphy stops starring in terrible movies and starts doing homophobic stand-up while wearing a red leather body suit again. (Offensive? Sure. A bit suspect? You bet… but funny.)

For the past few weeks, the web's been bombarded with all sorts of articles and interviews setting up the reclusive SNL alum for a second comeback. Murphy also declared an end to his work in family films, stating that…

"I'm trying to do some edgy stuff. And I only want to do what I really want to do, otherwise I'm content to sit here and play my guitar all day."

While the comedian may be content to sit and play "Boogie In Your Butt" on the old git-box, there are still bills to be paid. Huge bills for things only celebrities have. (Do you realize how much it costs to keep a pet ocelot?) That's why you can't be too surprised about A Thousand Words, the latest film to place Murphy in a mildly whimsical but incredibly contrived plot. The only difference is that the storyline seems a bit familiar… largely due to the fact that it's pretty much Liar Liar with a tree. 

That's right, the story about a man who's cosmically bound to change his reprehensible ways has returned to the theater once more. While that may not sound thrilling, it couldn't possibly be worse than Norbit… or Pluto Nash… or Holy Man, Harlem Nights, Imagine That, The Haunted Mansion, Daddy Day Care, Showtime, Dr. Dolittle, Beverly Hills Cop III, any version of Shrek… my point is that he's got everything to play for here.

Watch the preview below and witness one of the best trailers to open with dialog about the main character being "an average guy… until" something happens.