Edward Norton to play Bourne villain in franchise reboot

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Someone gets to chase Jeremy Renner throughout Europe, Asia, and, who knows, maybe outer-space. The latest casting news regarding the reboot of the Jason Bourne film franchise reveals that Edward Norton, failed Hulk, will portray a villain in the next installment. The bad-guy role should come easily to Norton — we all remember his creepy "is he or isn't he schizo" in Primal Fear, his neo-Nazi who proves white men can jump in American History X, and my personal favorite — the annoying backstabber who actually thought he stood a chance with Charlize Theron in The Italian Job.

He's not exactly inspired casting — if we're talking slight, blonde-ish white actors with squinty eyes, thin lips and a cocky half-smile, Sam Rockwell would be my preference. But Norton always brings a special something to his roles, and it will be fun to see him go head to head with Jeremy Renner. The more difficult casting task is the replacement for Joan Allen's Pam Landy. Rachel Weisz is the only notable female attached, but there's no word on what role she'll be playing. Who else can make shouting international-espionage orders as cool and sexy as Allen did?