Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks as ridiculous and awesome as we hoped

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While the literary Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter may have been a follow up to the mash-up novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it looks like the film adaptation of the former is doing much better. (By, you know, existing.) While Zombies has been plagued by casting changes and postponements, ALVH has been speeding right along, and now we have our first glimpse of our fictionalized sixteenth president (played by Benjamin Walker) in action.

Obviously, a movie with a premise like this must tread a careful path. A story about Lincoln fighting vampires will never not be ridiculous, and so such ridiculousness must be embraced. But even that is its own art form; if you're not careful and, dare I say it, artful about your choices, you end up with a piece of garbage, one that's good for nothing except balancing a wobbly table when the DVD comes out. (And no one buys those anymore, so you're really shit out of luck.)

So, how does Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, look?

Not too bad, at the moment. The special effects look… special effects-y, I guess. (What? I'm not a graphics person. They look fine enough, that's all I ask.) And I give them points for setting the mood with Johnny Cash. All I'm looking for from a movie like this is fun, and my hunch is this will provide, but you tell me: is the premise so silly that you don't think you can move past it and enjoy yourself?