Battleship gets a Wes Anderson makeover

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And the Wes Anderson movie parodies keep on chuggin'.

First, we got the Spider-Man parody. Then, the Scream parody. In between were probably way more that didn't get major blog circulation. (A Goodfellas one? Please tell me there's a Goodfellas one.) Now, we have the Battleship spoof, marking possibly probably the only enjoyable thing to come out of that movie.

It's really nothing more than two hipsters playing Battleship, but all the classic Wes Anderson tropes are present. You've got your monotone voices, eccentric costumes, and even a Nico soundtrack. (The Blue Moon Summer Wheats are also a nice touch.) Sure, it could use a good Owen Wilson or Bill Murray impersonator, but I'm not even going to act like I wouldn't have watched another hour of this.

Is it too much to dream that the Battleship campaign has been an elaborate ruse and Anderson actually directed Rihanna and Liam Neeson in a board-game movie? Because if that's the case, I take back every sarcastic text, tweet, and/or comment I've made about Battleship. I will be there. With bells on.